And Finally, a Way to Get Justin Bieber To Serenade Us Every Night Before Bed

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We can’t decide if this is ridiculous or the best idea ever, but Justin Bieber now has his own — wait for it — toothbrushes. And they sing. And they have the Biebs’ face on them. So, cool or creepy? Click on to get more deets on the brushes that’ll def make U smile!

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Well, truth is the brushes have been in the news for a while now, but we finally got some pics of the them and, well, obvs they’re wrapped in purple. According to JustinBiebertoothbrush.com (and yes, that’s the real website), there are two different types of brushes — one that sings “Baby” and “U Smile” and the other that plays “Somebody to Love” and “Love Me” while you brush. And there’s also a travel kit and floss so you can take it on the go. Cooool.

The brushes hit stores in July 2011, but you can get more deets and pre-order one right now at JustinBiebertoothbrush.com.

Will you get a Bieber toothbrush? Which song would you want Justin to sing to you every morning and every night? Tell us now in the comments!