Justin Bieber: Theft Victim Or ‘Beauty And A Beat’ Music Video Prankster?

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Justin Bieber


Remember that time Justin Bieber tweeted that his computer and camera were stolen from him backstage at a concert?

Probably, since it was two days ago.

Well, on Thursday a Twitter user named @gexwy tweeted out three of Justin’s private videos, showing the pop superstar partying in a pool, pranking what appears to be a napping Alfredo Flores and a very old video of Justin from his early radio circuit days promoting ‘My World.’

In many of the tweets, gexwy alludes to having a personal video of Justin’s he probably doesn’t want released. And that they will post it Friday at noon. For a few hours, which must have seemed like years for Beliebers, it looked like some serious online bullying was playing out for everyone to see… until this happened:

Justin tweets gexwy? Isn’t that like giving in to a terrorist? But maybe he knows there’s nothing on his computer or laptop that his fans shouldn’t see. Yeah, take that gexwy!

But then…

Oh dear, it seems as though there IS something Justin wouldn’t want leaked and gexwy is probably DMing their demands to JB and if they’re not met, the video is coming out at noon.

But then things REALLY got extra weird, and downright suspect, when Justin tweeted and Facebooked “noon” to all his followers a little while later.

One of two things could be happening at this point. Either Justin has resigned himself to the fact that private videos of his are about to become very public and figures, ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ OR this ENTIRE thing has been an elaborate prank and Justin is releasing a video tomorrow.

Think about it, Justin has more than 28 million Twitter followers, second only to Gaga. He probably has the folks over at Twitter on speed dial. He could call them and get the IP address of the user sending out the tweets from gexwy.

But there are privacy laws prohibiting that, right? Let’s not forget there’s an alleged theft here and many of gexwy’s tweets were threatening in nature with things like “u’ve been warned. should have listened” and “last chance” — so why wouldn’t Justin and company go to the police with these tweets instead of DMing with him? Because it’s probably fake.

In the midst of all the Twitter chatter, Justin also retweeted this tweet from Nicki Minaj saying “uh oh…the barbz have a BIG surprise cmng tmrw.” So I’m calling this now. Justin’s music video (or maybe just the trailer) for ‘Beauty And A Beat’ featuring Nicki Minaj is dropping at noon.

UPDATE: We we right! Here’s the music video: