These People Got a Whiff of Justin Bieber (Perfume)…And They Liked It (Video)

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By now you’ve heard tons about Justin Bieber‘s new fragrance, “Someday,” like that it was inspired by “different girls and stuff” and that it caused the Biebs to get trampled at Macy’s in NYC. But we’ve got a question…what does the perfume actually smell like?! An editor from MTV’s Buzzworthy blog put “Someday” to the ultimate blind sniff test on the streets of Times Square and, surprisingly, the results were overwhelmingly positive. Old men, young girls and all the peeps in between totally loved it!

Wanna watch it all go down? PS it’s hilarious…

Watch the video below!

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And get more info on the blind sniff test at Do you like the smell of “Someday”? Have you bought your bottle yet? Spill it!