Justin Bieber Serenades Hailey Baldwin in the Middle of London

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The thought of Justin Bieber serenading you has probably crossed your mind at least a million times once, but the reality of that ever happening, while a popular fanfiction storyline, is slim to none…well, unless you’re Hailey Baldwin.

The Biebs and Hailz are continuing to take their PDA-packed engagement (or, possibly, marriage??) across the globe and recently landed in London for a mini vacation. The couple checked out Buckingham Palace earlier today and JB took the opportunity to woo his fiancée with a spontaneous acoustic performance of a few different songs, including his hit, “Cold Water.”

He also went back to his roots and did a cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” which he previously covered in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge back in 2016.

But the gig didn’t stop there! Justin then started playing worship song “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin, a Christian artist that he loves. Hailey was a big fan of this particular rendition and could be seen recording the performance on her phone as it was happening.

Are you having flashbacks? Because we sure are. As you probably already know, JB started his music career by posting covers on YouTube and busking outside of local businesses in his Canadian hometown. While the 25-year-old wasn’t performing in hopes of making some cash this time around, all the elements of life before he blew up to superstardom were still there. *LE SIGH*