From Our BFFs: Did Selena Gomez Get a Justin Bieber Tattoo?

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Just Jared Jr.

That’d be cute, wouldn’t it? Selena Gomez does have some Justin Bieber ink on her wrist, but we hope think it’s just temporary. Right?! [Just Jared Jr.]

And speaking of getting inked, BFFS Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens got tattoos together. Think Zac Efron feels left out?! [Cambio]

Snooki‘s got something ugly on her arm and no, we’re not talking about another juicehead guido… [Wetpaint]

We don’t really need to see more lovey-dovey pics of Edward and Bella from Breaking Dawn, (we get it, guys. They’re in love), but, fine, this one’s actually really cute. [JSYK]

If we told you Lucy Hale didn’t live a fairytale life, would you believe us? Probs not. But she insists… [Seventeen]

Justin Timberlake has just won another Emmy for his guest stints on SNL. Uh, JT, is it time to come back to music yet?! [Popdust]

We know Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding was mucho pricey, but their honeymoon wasn’t exactly cheap, either. Can you guess how much their honeymoon hotel was per night?! Probs not… [Hollywire]

We know Bradley Cooper is sort of old(ish), but he’s hot so we’ll talk about him. So, which pop star is he rumored to be dating?! [Posh24]

Who would you pick as the ultimate Teen Icon 2011? Bella Thorne? Katy Perry? Selena Gomez? Vote! [J-14]

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