Justin Bieber Invites A Surprise Guest On Stage! And It’s Prob Who You Think (Video)

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Justin Bieber must really love his fans over in Rio de Janeiro, because he keeps giving them the royal treatment. (Why couldn’t it be us?!) Not only did he surprise his Brazilian fans with a special preview of his “Mistletoe” single earlier this week, but he shocked the Beliebers at his latest Rio concert with a very special guest… Selena Gomez! Apparently, he invited his girlfie onto the stage with him to perform her hit, “Who Says.” And he even came in at the end of the song to join in! We are beyond jeal at this point.

Listen to Sel and JB sing below (and try not to mind the screaming girls)!

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Admit it — you’re jealous, aren’t ya? Have you ever been to a Justin or Selena concert? What’s your fave of their songs? Tell us everything in the comments.