Justin and Selena Went to a Wedding This Weekend! But Nope, It Wasn’t Theirs… (Video)

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Normally if someone showed up to your wedding uninvited you’d be like, “Um, please leave, I don’t want to pay for you to be here.” But if said uninvited guests are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? Priceless. Let’s just say these two people are the luckiest newlyweds ever…

According to Popdust, Justin and Selena were hanging out in Malibu when they heard Justin’s song, “One Less Lonely Girl” playing from a party. So they decided to crash the wedding. Why not, right?! Biebs tweeted: “WEDDING CRASHERS last night! hahaha. too funny. crazy story.”

Watch it all go down below!

Do you think it was rude or cool that Jelena crashed the wedding? Would you FREAK OUT if you were a guest at that wedding? Tell us in the comments!