What Do These Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Tweets Mean?

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While Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have faced their share of rumors pretty much since they started dating, something’s definitely off in the land of Jelena. But it could just be because he’s currently on tour, while she’s filming. Read these tweets and tell us what you think:

Since Justin performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this week, he was all about the VS supermodels (like every other teen boy would be). He even posed for a picture with Hungarian model Barbara Palvin:


The day after, JB went to see The Lion King on Broadway; the night that same model announced that she too was attending the show:

Within 24 hours, Lil Twist tweeted a picture of the Biebs wearing the same clothes that he wore to The Lion King… with Barbara in the background.

Instagram (@liltwist)

So late last night/early this morning, this is what happened:

That’s “……” along with the picture of JB and the girl. Then, almost out of the blue, JB’s best friend, Alfredo Flores, who also has a strong bond with Sel, tweeted, “done LMAO,” but has since deleted the remark. Meanwhile, Barbara’s been getting heat in the Twittersphere, so she sent out:

However, you have to consider that Selena hasn’t done without the opposite sex herself. She recently posted a picture of her with on-screen Wizards of Waverly Place love interest Gregg Sulkin, saying: “Shooting at 2 am and this is where me and Gregg end up…”

Facebook (Selena Gomez)

Keep in mind that, not too long ago, JB tweeted out “Lingse,” which many have speculated to be an anagram for “single”… But could it all be in our imaginations? Or even a hoax? You know how Justin likes his pranks. Tell us what you think of the Twitter/Facebook comments!

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