Justin Bieber Showing Up at Selena Gomez’s Concert? Best. Surprise. Ever! (Video)

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If we asked you to tell us what would be the best birthday present ever, we know Justin Bieber would obvs be on the top of the list. Well, here’s just another reason why we’re completely jeal of Selena Gomez. For her 19th birthday weekend, JB, being the amazing BF we know he is, surprised Sel (and all her fans!) with a beautiful serenade of his song, “Favorite Girl,” and Justin Timberlake‘s “Cry Me A River.” Ugh, there aren’t enough swoons in the world to describe it.

Check out JB’s smooth moves now!

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Doesn’t Justin make for the best boyf ever? What would you do if JB gave you a surprise performance? Send us your answers in the comments!