Selena Gomez Kept Another Heart-Stopping Secret from Fans for Years

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When we recently found out that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez lived together years ago, we were shocked; maybe we didn’t know everything there is to know about Jelena after all. And now, the pair dropped a bomb that has us gasping once again.

Over the weekend, a never-before-heard Jelena duet, “Strong,” appeared on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio, much to the entire world’s surprise. Yes, Justin and Selena have hit the stage together in the past, but they’ve never done an official musical collaboration.

If you ask us, it is a bit weird that the tune suddenly hit the Internet just days after Sel’s Revival came out and a few weeks before JB’s Purpose release, but hey — who are we to judge. Any promo is good promo! And, apparently, fans don’t really care why “Strong” came out so suddenly, they simply cannot handle the overwhelming excitement that followed.

Check out the full song below!

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