Aww, Justin Bieber Asks His Mama For Permission Before Sleeping Over Selena’s

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Justin BieberHe may have his own Ferrari, the most gorg girlfie, and the ability to pretty much travel anywhere no matter what the cost. But it looks like Justin Bieber‘s still Mama’s Boy at heart. (Not that we have anything against that.)

Apparently, after a delish dinner with Selena Gomez, she asked if he would like to have a little… sleepover (a totally innocent one, we’re sure) at her place. But before he answered, he made a call to his #1 girl — his mom — to ask for permission. Her response?

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According to Perezitos, Justin exclaimed:

“Mom said it was okay!”

The thought of it sounds completely hilar, but we do enjoy thinking that JB is a respectable guy. Should Justin have to ask his mom for permission? Was it cute, or totally lame? Tell us what you think here.