Teen.com’s Best Justin and Selena Stories Ever. You’re Welcome

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Every week throughout the entire summer, we’ve been treating you Jelena fans (or haters?!) to a very special Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez story. And now, since summer is officially dunzo (wah!), so is our Jelena coverage. JK, guys! If we stopped writing about them, we’d pretty much be out of a job. So anywho, as a final summer gift to our loyal readers, we’ve put all our Jelena features into this one little post so you can have them all in one place. You can thank us if you want.

So from Jelena’s PDA to oh-so-cute baby pics, check out everything we’ve got on Justin and Selena!

1. Um, are Justin and Selena the endorsement king and queen? We think yes.
2. Who’s more talented, Justin or Selena? Vote in this mega-sized poll!
3. And who was the cuter baby, Justin or Selena? We think these adorable pics will help you decide…
4. And if Jelena — dare we say it? — weren’t togeth, who would they be dating?
5. Jelena has quite a few celebrity BFFs. Did you know they were friends with these famous peeps?
6. It’s kind of creepy, but Justin and Selena even started dressing alike. Are their matchy matchy outfits cute or not so much?
7. And speaking of outfits, the Biebs knows how to make his stand out. Check out Justin rockin’ our fave accessories!
8. Now these pics might upset you guys, but it had to be done. Tons of PDA-filled pictures of Justin and Selena kissing. Peep ‘em and weep.
9. But for every kissing pic, there’s an embarrassing one, too. Yup, even Justin and Selena pick their noses and don’t always look so hot.

And there ya have it! Which Jelena story is your fave? Do you love the couple or wish they’d break up? Tell us all our thoughts on Justin and Selena in the comments!