Company Running Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Selena Gomez Fansites Pays $1 Million in Lawsuit Settlement

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After Justin Bieber was cited for reckless driving (which has since been resolved), wanted for questioning after an altercation with a paparazzo and hit with a lawsuit for apparently causing a fan’s mother’s hearing loss, it became safe to call JB one of Hollywood’s newest bad boys. Since then, however, Justin’s been laying pretty low, hanging out with his friends and rocking the stage (when he’s not throwing up, that is) on his Believe tour.

Unfortunately, the drama didn’t stay away from Justin for long because Artist Arena, the company running BieberFever.com, has been sued for taking personal information from Beliebers under the age of 13 without getting their parents’ permission. According to NY Daily News, The Justice Department sued the company on claims that they violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act by asking for users’ full names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc., without asking for parental consent.

Artist Arena also hosts fansites for celebrities such as Rihanna (RihannaNow.com) and even Justin’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez (SelenaGomez.com), where many users under the age of 13 also revealed private details without the knowledge of their guardians.

As of today, the company has agreed to pay $1 million, as well as delete all of the stored information and completely change its registration process for the future. The director of the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection, David C. Vladeck, says in a statement, “These were fansites that knew that a very substantial percentage of users were 12 or under. There is really no excuse for violations like these.”

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