Selena Gomez Hung Out with Justin Bieber a Day Before Demi Reunion

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October 2017 must be the month of reunions for Selena Gomez! If you thought her reunion with Demi Lovato at last night’s InStyle Awards caused the Internet to shut down, wait until you hear this — Justin Bieber was seen leaving Sel’s Los Angeles home on Sunday evening, and there are pictures to prove it!

TMZ reports that the 23-year-old singer entered to the 25-year-old’s Studio City, California, house to hang out with mutual friends about 10 minutes before the “Fetish” crooner arrived herself.

Multiple sources also told the news outlet that Selena and Justin spent time together last week, too.

The sources confirm that Selly and The Weeknd are definitely still dating and he was fully aware of the hang-session. He couldn’t attend, however, because he was busy on tour.

Jelena apparently started speaking again after she had her kidney transplant last month, but their relationship has been strictly platonic ever since.

JB and SG started dating in October 2010 and then broke up (for the first time) in May 2013. The pair reportedly got back together in June 2014. Things slowly fizzled out, but then heated back up about a year later.

While we know the Selena-Justin hangout means absolutely nothing on the romance front, fans are still FREAKING THE F*CK OUT that their faves have reunited.

Is it 2011 all over again???

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