Justin and Selena Are Obsessed With Instagram Just As Much As They’re Obsessed With Each Other (Pics)

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Selena Gomez recently Tweeted, “I’m obsessed with instagram… <3 :)” and uh, yeah, we can totally tell. Sel and her boyf (do we even really need to tell you who he is anymore?) Justin Bieber have been posting loads of pics on their new Instagram accounts. The good part about that? We get an inside look on what they’re up to when they’re not signing a million autographs or performing or hanging out with each other. The bad part?

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We’re completely jeal! From hanging out with friends to taking scenic pic, it seems as though Jelena can’t put their cameras down. Selena’s even flirting with a JB cardboard standout in one pic Look through the pics below to see what we mean: