First Pic! Justin and Selena Hold Hands in Hawaii While Beliebers Everywhere Weep

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What are you doing right now? Studying for finals? Bumming around and doing absolutely nothing? Because whatever you’re doing doesn’t compare to what Selena Gomez is doing — living out every young girl’s fantasy. She’s in Hawaii. On the beach. With Justin Bieber. In a bathing suit. Oh yeah, and they’re holding hands. Guess after that public smooch at the Billboard Music Awards they’re cool with PDA now or something?!

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Anyway, apparently Selieber is taking a “well-deserved break” together after working their butts off for months. Nothing like some quality time with your BF. Especially when your BF is the Biebs.

What do you think of Justin and Selena’s romantic getaway? Do you think they’re too young to go on vacay together? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!