6 of the Craziest Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez Fanfictions You’ll Ever Read

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By now, we all know Jelena is back and better than ever! When we first heard that Selena Gomez had broken up with The Weeknd and Justin Bieber was spotted visiting her at home, we didn’t want to get our hopes up. Their first breakup affected us more than we’d like to admit, and we didn’t know if our hearts could take another disappointment on that level. But then there were the bike rides, the brunches, and the church hangs — not to mention the fact that they kissed at a hockey game. (!!!)

But just because we know there’s something going on between our fave famous couple doesn’t mean that they’re coming clean about it. They’ve been just as hush-hush as they were back when their relationship first began in ’09, which is slowly killing us. There can only be so many articles about their parents’ opinions on the matter and sneaky paparazzi pics out there, ya know?

And that’s where fanfiction comes in. People write their own take on all kinds of things from Riverdale characters to One Direction members, and there’s a pretty endless amount of Jelena fanfics out there right now — and counting! Once you sift through the Joe Jonas and Selena pairings, you’ll find all kinds of well-written stories about her and the Biebs ranging from super NSFW to wonderfully weird. These made-up gems are perfect for getting your daily Jelena fix. Care to join us?