Jelena Are In Puppy Love, And We Don’t Mean With Each Other

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Move over Justin Bieber. There’s a new sheriff in Selena Gomez town. Just kidding. Meet the newest addition to the Jelena family — Justin & Selena’s dog, Baylor! We thought maybe he was half named after Sel’s bestie, Taylor Swift. But it turns out a very lucky university (Baylor, obv) in Waco, Texas got the honor. (We’re sure that college’s hoodies are gonna sell out any minute now.)

Hey Jelena, whenever you need someone to babysit your little blue-eyed fluffball, like when you’re off kissing at hockey games and going on romantic movie dates, give us a call!

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Cute To-die-for pics of Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s dog below!

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Major contemplation: Whose eyes would you rather stare in…Baylor’s or JB’s!?

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Don’t you just wanna squeeze him?? We do. And even though Baylor is going to require a lot of attention that Sel and JB probably don’t have, Justin proves that there is enough puppy love to go around. AKA he loves his fans. Oh, you didn’t see his video yet? Get on it!

What are your thoughts on Baylor? Do you like the name? Do you think Justin and Sel are ready for a puppy? Tell us what you think!