2011 AMAS: Justin and Selena Look Amazing, As Per Youge

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Ok, so we know why Justin Bieber attended the American Music Awards last night — he was nominated, performed “Under the Mistletoe,” and shuffled on stage with LMFAO — but Selena Gomez? We’re pretty sure she was just there to be Justin’s arm candy. And cheerleader. And, well, everybody else’s cheerleader, too, considering she literally shrieked with excitement during Taylor Swift’s and Nicki Minaj’s big wins and Katy Perry‘s performance. But we gotta admit — Jelena did look darn cute together, right?! Except for Biebs’ 1950’s slicked-back side part. Don’t even get us started.

Check out the Biebs’ new do and Justin and Selena’s red carpet pics (and Justin’s performance/shuffling!) below: