Must-Watch Vid: Justin Bieber Is the Hottest Roommate Ever

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Leighton Meester‘s new flick, “The Roommate,” came in at #1 at the box office over the weekend (woohoo!) but let’s be real here – right now our focus is on that other “Roommate” — the one that Justin Bieber did on SNL. He made a guest appearance on last night’s show, starring in a hilar skit with Andy Samberg spoofing the Leighton/Minka movie and, yeah, we can’t stop laughing.

But that’s not all the Biebs did on SNL…

He also made a cameo in Dana Carvey’s “Church Chat” skit, starring as himself while Dana’s “Church Lady” couldn’t help but fall for the Biebs. Don’t worry, Church Lady. That happens to us all the time.

Click below to watch the clips of Justin on SNL!