Has Justin Bieber Lost His Swagger (Coach)?

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#WeLoveRyGood has been trending for a while now on Twitter, and we know you’re wondering why, too. Looks like Justin Bieber is gonna have to learn how to swag all by himself now, because according to New York Magazine, Ryan Good is taking some time off from being JB’s swag coach to pursue some dreams of his own. Or maybe he’s spending so much time with Ashley Benson that he doesn’t have time for the Biebs. Just sayin’.

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What gives? Check out what JB & Co. have been Tweeting to Ry below!

@justinbieber @thatrygood nice. haha. gonna miss u big bro. see u soon! Trend #WeLoveRyGOOD

@scooterbraun all u asking..ryan is going to pursue some of his dreams…we encourage him 2 go after his. he will always b a part of this family. always

@CarinMB Geez I’m going to miss this guy! Thanks for always keeping a smile on my face. #weloveRyGood @thatrygood

@KennyHamilton I’m gonna miss you man! Been so much fun and so many memories…@thatrygood I wish you well… #WeLoveRyGood

@dankanter We will miss you on the road @thatrygood! All the best to you!

So sad! Are you going to miss Ryan Good? Do you think he did a swagtastic job with JB? If you could say one thing to Ryan, what would you tell him (be nice, ladies)? Spill it in the comments!