Want Justin Bieber As Your Prom Date? Well, So Does This Creepy Girl (Video)

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While Mila Kunis and Miley Cyrus are getting asked to the Marine Corps Ball, Justin Bieber is getting an invitation of his own. To senior prom. Cady Eimer, a crazy teen girl from Virginia, will stop at nothing until Justin answers her prom request! Along with a website and a Twitter page, Cady and her friend even wrote a rap in the hopes of snaggin’ the Biebs as her date. We wonder what Selena thinks of all this…

OK! Magazine is reporting that Cady has met Justin a few times already, and is determined to get him as her date to next year’s prom! We’ll see about that. Watch the video below!

Did you like the vid? Or is everything just too over-the-top? Do you think Justin will see it, and if so, will he say yes?! Spill it in the comments!