Caught in the Act: Justin Bieber Peeing in a Mop Bucket; Dissing Bill Clinton

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Instagram (@justinbieber)

Instagram (@justinbieber)

Every time we think we’re passed the point of getting shocked by Justin Bieber‘s actions, he goes ahead and pulls some other crazy and/or WTF stunt that leaves us dumbfounded.

In footage obtained by TMZ, the 19-year-old singer was caught on camera laughing while peeing into a New York City restaurant mop bucket. (Because the establishment didn’t have any public restrooms, right?) He then proceeded to spray a picture of Bill Clinton — yes, as in our former president — with some sort of cleaning liquid while shouting, “F*** Bill Clinton!”

Jimmy Kimmel joked about the Biebs urinating on the American flag, but who knew JB would actually do something that’s not that far off? At this point in time, we wouldn’t be surprised if he did get an image of Mike Tyson’s face tattooed onto his stomach, or use baby seals as tires. (If you don’t know what we’re referring to, watch this video.)

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