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Justin Bieber Claps Back at Paparazzo After Running Over Photographer

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Shout out to Justin Bieber for manning up in a major way, confronting that paparazzo that did him dirty, and doing it in the kindest way possible, so let’s all give JB a little extra credit today for handling this tough situation like a BOSS.

Sp here’s the deal: we’re all well aware that Justin lives his life under a crazy paparazzi-filled microscope. Just a few weeks back, when the global star was leaving church and got into an accident with a photographer, it was no surprise that it was all caught on camera. What did come as a surprise to some was how well the Biebs handled the situation, maintaining his focus on the person who was injured.

But not everyone handled it as well — namely another paparazzo on the scene who lost it and starting using profanity, to which Justin responded that night by questioning why this person wasn’t focused on helping his friend. Well, everything has officially come full circle.

After taking a hike in Malibu yesterday, Justin spotted the photographer in question on his drive back and asked him why he was so mean that day. The photog replied by telling the 23-year-old “Despacito” singer that the injured person was his friend, to which Justin clapped back with the most magical response of all time.

In super understand manner, Justin suggested, “Maybe next time instead of saying such profanity and mean stuff, just try to help the situation. If it was your friend, you would’ve been on the ground helping him. That’s what friends do.”

The conversation went on for a bit, but at the end of the day, the photographer was apologetic and also complimented Justin on his stellar career. “I love all your songs. I hear them on the radio all the time,” he said. “You proved to everybody that you weren’t just a one-hit-wonder. Your career’s gonna go on forever, man!” Amen to that!