Never Say Never! Justin Bieber Has Launched a New Site

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Beliebers, hear this! Justin Bieber has just launched a new website called NSN Weekend, inspired by his movie, Never Say Never, which comes out on DVD tomorrow (Finally!). We’re super psyched!

So, what kind of Bieber goodies can we expect from the new site?!

Um, tons! If you link it to your Facebook page you’ll get t-shirt stencils, a customizable Twitter skin, a purple punch and cupcake recipe and even life-size printables! Access to our own real-life sized Biebs!? Yeah, we’re definitely going to be bookmarking the site ASAP.

Click on to watch the Never Say Never trailer below!

Will you be picking up a copy of Never Say Never this weekend? Are you looking forward to visiting the site?! Sound off in the comments!

And PS: Check out NSN Weekend now!