We Think It’s Safe To Say That Justin Bieber Has a Type

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Sure, we already know his type when it comes to girls is cute, petite, brunette and super famous (ahem, Selena Gomez), but when it comes to his style? Justin Bieber surely has a type there too. Purple. And bowties. And velvet. And dog tags. Sometimes all at once.

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At his most recent Never Say Never premiere in Paris, France, the Biebs rocked a purple button-up, his dog tag and that signature black tee. Just check out the tons of pics below to see what we mean!

Our friends at JSYK picked up on this trend too, and discovered Justin’s fave designer!

And for his other Never Say Never premieres in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and London? Justin’s rocked any or all of the following trends:

1. Purple. 2. Leather. 3. Velvet. 4. Vests. 5. Dog tags. 6. Bowties.

What do you think of Justin’s signature look? Should he spice things up a bit (and dare wear a color other than black, white or purple) or do you like JB’s style? check out the pics and tell us below, Beliebers!