Justin Bieber is Our Hottie of the Week! (Obviously.)

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By this point in time, Bieber fever has swept pretty much the entire nation — and Teen.com is no exception. We’ve been ogling for days over baby Biebs as seen in his new flick, Never Say Never, and we’re still recovering from seeing the hotness that is Justin Bieber live and in person. So, duh, it makes sense that the Biebs is our Hottie of the Week. But if there was an honor of Hottie of Everyday, Justin would no doubt win that one, too.

VIDEO: An exclusive sneak peek at Never Say Never!

Click through the gallery of hot pics to see what Bieber’s been up to lately and, uh, just imagine for a few minutes that Selena Gomez doesn’t exist and that the two weren’t spotted over the weekend holding hands. Nope. Doesn’t matter one bit.

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