Justin Bieber on Selena Gomez: “She Makes Me Really Happy.” (Video)

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Continuing the whirlwind that is Justin Bieber‘s My World tour, Biebs made a pit stop in Taiwan to do some interviews and get swarmed by mobs of screaming, crying teens. The usual. But amidst talk of Never Say Never and his concerts and all that other stuff that makes Bieber Bieber, one brave reporter asked about that other thing happening in his life — Selena Gomez. And rather than avoid the question, he actually answered it! His response was vague, but eh, we’ll take it.

Click on to watch the adorbs vid! And, uh, sorry for all the Chinese subtitles…

Do you think that’s Justin’s confirmation that he’s dating Selena? Do you like them as a couple and wish they would just go public already? Tell us in the comments!