5 People Bieber Should Collab With Other Than Usher

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We saw that Usher was trending on Google this morning and we got all confused. Were people talking about the fact that he had died (don’t worry, he didn’t, just another crazy internet rumor), or the fact that he’s dueting with Justin Bieber on both of their upcoming albums? The bad news? Both. But the good news? OMG, he’s dueting with Justin Bieber (again)! So in honor of these bound-to-be-epic songs, we figured we’d take the time now to discuss who else Justin should sing with in the near future. Starting with…

Katy Perry
Katy’s dueted with everyone from Kanye West to Missy Elliott, but why not The Biebs, KP? They’ve already met and are kinda BFFs. This just seems like a natural choice here, people.


Cody Simpson
Even though the Codester and the Biebster were in the studio together, Justin confirmed that they weren’t actually making music together. Maybe just rubbing off each other’s talent and making their own songs better or something. But we think it’s time for these two foreign teen pop stars to sing together for real. The Simpsonizers/Beliebers will eat it up!


One Direction
And speaking of foreign teen pop stars, how amaze would a Bieber collab be with 1D? There’s rumors circulating that it could happen thanks to some of One Direction’s cryptic tweets, but until it’s official, we won’t hold our breath. The song would be “One Time” and “One Thing” mixed together and it’ll be magical. And ps, we know this pic is fake and Photoshopped. But it was just too cute not to use, ya know?! justin-bieber-one-direction

This duo, like Justin, totally know how to make a song that goes straight to the top of the charts. Can you even imagine this combo? It’d be epic. And then the three of them would perform the single together like they did at the 2011 American Music Awards and the world will go wild. Do it, Biebs!

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Selena Gomez
He made a song with his ex Jasmine Villegas, so now’s the time to make sweet, sweet babies music with Sel. Need we go into detail here? No. No we do not.

Who do you want to see Justin collab with on “Believe”? Which of these duets would be a guaranteed smash?

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