It’s Finally Here! Get Your FIRST LISTEN of Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe”

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Have you been as antsy as we have to finally get our ears, er, hands, on Justin Bieber’s new single? Because if you’ve read this info on the album or seen these pics from the video shoot or heard the live version of the song, you’re probs tired of all the teasers. We want the real thing already! And Biebs heard our cries, as “Mistletoe” just made it’s official premiere today on RyanSeacrest.com. And ya know what? It was well worth the wait…

Take a FIRST listen at “Mistletoe” below, plus check out this BTS vid of Justin recording it in the studio!

So, was “Mistletoe” as good as you thought it’d be? Will you be buying the whole album when it comes out on November 1? Tell us in the comments!