Five Schools in Norway Reschedule Midterms for Justin Bieber Concert

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Time to move to Norway Beliebers! Fox News is reporting that five schools in Norway have decided to push back their scheduled midterm tests in order for their students to attend Justin Bieber’s two upcoming concerts.

The Biebs is scheduled to perform in Oslo, Norway on April 16 and 17, around the same time the exams are schedule. Justin is extremely popular in Norway and schools in the area are concerned about their student’s exam scores.

So, in order to avoid student’s Bieber-related poor test scores, the schools have decided to reschedule the midterms. Does this mean schools around the world will start rescheduling tests if Justin comes to town? Sounds like a perfect idea to us!

It looks like Justin is loving the idea too. He took to his Facebook and Twitter pages and wrote “love this” next to an article about the Norway schools.

What do you guys think, should all school exams be moved for the Biebs? Let us know in the comment section!

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