Mark Wahlberg Confirms Justin Bieber for 2014 Basketball Movie

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Instagram (@justinbieber)

Instagram (@justinbieber)

Zero nominations at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards isn’t going to keep Justin Bieber from his rise to the top (despite Scooter Braun‘s distaste for the snub). As if he wasn’t already enough of a megastar, with worldwide acknowledgement for his vocal talents and dancing abilities, Justin’s now making his way to the big screen. And with an Oscar-nominated actor nonetheless.

While promoting his upcoming movie, Broken CityMark Wahlberg was approached about his potential project with JB, which was first discussed this time last year. He confirms that the film is a go and both he and Justin are on board: “The script’s good and now we’re trying to figure out [Justin’s] whole schedule.”

Though the flick is still untitled, it is said to focus on Mark as a “reluctant mentor” to the Biebs’ basketball-playing character. Other than that, all details are TBA, but word is that Scooter Braun is co-producing the project and “is super-excited about it.”

Don’t get hyped up just yet, Beliebers. Between his new acoustic album and additional BELIEVE tour dates, all shooting will not be taking place anytime soon. As of this time, the film is tentatively scheduled to shoot starting February 2014. So we guess you can get a little pumped.

Besides having the tiniest cameo ever in Men in Black 3, this will be JB’s first time on the big screen (excluding Never Say Never). Would you see the movie? Do you think he’ll be a good actor? Join the conversation in the comments below or on our Justin Bieber message board!

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