Is Justin Bieber a ‘High Fashion’ Kind of Guy?

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Just a few months after Bieber primped and posed for Elle Magazine, high-fashion glossie LOVE has tapped the hip hop-singinguitar-strummin‘ heartthrob for an upcoming issue.

Rumor has it that Justin’s the cover boy, but nothing’s confirmed just yet. So what is LOVE, exactly?

It’s sorta like Vogue‘s, if Vogue put nekkid models on the cover, touted purple wigs as must-have accessories, and favored blue lipstick over red (kinda like Ke$ha). Just think of it as Vogue‘s edgy punk-lovin’ little sister. Either way, the mag is about as far away from Tiger Beat as you can imagine, and being featured on the cooler-than-cooler pages of LOVE is a big deal for Biebs.

Which magazine would you want to see Justin on? Post your pick below.