A Geographical Guide to Justin Bieber’s Tour of International Offense

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Tumblr (biebs-gifs)

Tumblr (biebs-gifs)

Guess what yesterday was — Justin Bieber‘s trial date.

You’d be forgiven for asking ‘what for?’ in this context, because Justin’s been getting into quite a bit of trouble as of late. But this particular trial is for the charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license, for that whole drag-racing thing in Miami this past January.

But the fact that it could’ve been a trial on any number of charges on any number of continents got me thinking about this kid. He’s had a pretty busy couple of years on what he refers to as his Believe tour, but what I’ve lovingly termed his International Offense tour, so why not document it?

The United States is already on the map with this DUI charge and the $200,000 in damage from that egging incident, and there are a whole bunch more countries with Bieber beef, so let’s take a look at the wreckage Justin has left in his wake as he’s bratted his way across oceans, through airports and around laws, with just a quick stop in a brothel for good luck!

Hope you brought your passport, because we’re gonna be all over the map and in no particular order, okay Carmen Sandiego? Let’s go.

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