Justin Bieber’s Car Involved in Hit & Run Thanks to Lil Twist

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Instagram (@justinbieber)

Instagram (@justinbieber)

This may go down as the most unfortunate week in history for a celebrity. Because if it’s not a “worst birthday” celebration or crying fans or being rushed to the hospital, it’s still something when it comes to Justin Bieber. Always just… something. The latest involving Lil Twist.

While Justin’s away in London on tour, his best friend was getting into trouble with his ultra-expensive Fisker Karma in San Fernando Valley, California. According to reports, the Young Money rapper was driving the “Boyfriend” singer’s vehicle, crashed into cement poles protecting a wall at a liquor store, damaging both the poles and the front-end of the car. The same reports also suggest that Chris Brown was one of the passengers, and that he and Twist got into a BMW without exchanging info with the liquor store owner, which makes this a hit-and-run since they wrecked his property.

Lil Twist is also the same guy who was in the driver’s seat of Justin Bieber’s Ferrari when that paparazzo was killed, as well as one of the other people in the room when Justin was photographed allegedly smoking marijuana. So we say this with love to Justin: Get. Better. Friends.

What do you think? Should Justin stop lending his expensive vehicles to his friends? Hang out with overall better people? Have any well wishes for the Biebs? Leave all your thoughts and notes in the comments below, or on our Justin Bieber message board!

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