More Justin Bieber Kissing Pics! And This Time The Girl Is Not Selena

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We once told you that Justin Bieber would never date a fan (sorry, girls). But we’re pretty sure that same rule does not apply when it comes to kissing! A very lucky fan sent in this picture of her BFF smooching the Biebs to celeb blog ZackTaylor.ca, and jealously does not even begin to describe us right now.

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Where was that pic taken? And more importantly, was it taken way before he was spotted smooching Selena Gomez? We have good news and bad news

The good news is that it’s “been a while” since this pic was taken, according to the fan who submitted it. She wrote:

“Justin and my friend Michelle kissed behind the Four Seasons Hotel downtown a few months ago while he was in town for a concert. I didn’t feel right about releasing it before, but now its fine cuz its been a while.”

That means Justin didn’t necessarily cheat on Selena, since those two have only been “dating” for a month or so. But the bad news is, well, that’s the bad news too! That he wasn’t cheating, so that Selieber won’t break up, which means that we don’t have a chance with him! Hpmh.

Are you jealous of the girl in this pic? Do you even think that it’s really Justin? Tell us your thoughts!