Whose Rap Was Better — Justin Bieber’s, Or the Original By Jay-Z & Kanye? Vote!

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Justin Bieber rapYou’ve heard Justin Bieber‘s rap skills in “Ladies Love Me” with Chris Brown. But we’ll bet you’ve never heard him freestyle like this before. During a radio interview, Justin busted out his own lyrics to Kanye West & Jay-Z‘s “Otis.” And we think Usher‘s protege pretty much schooled them in their own song! Though we do kinda question some of the lyrics — “Get it done abundantly, she wants to get up under me.” Whoa there, buddy.

But inapprops words aside, which rap was better — Justin’s or the orig by Ye and Jay?

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We know your Belieber instincts are obvs gonna say the Justin Bieber rap was better, but try to be honest. Were you a fan of JB’s lyrics? Think they were inappropriate? Vote for your fave rap, then tell us your thoughts!