Selena Gomez’s Ex-BF Reignites His Longstanding Feud With Her Best Friend

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Just when you thought the Taylor SwiftKanye West feud had fizzled out, the singer’s best friend’s ex starts it right up again.

Justin Bieber, who Tay never really found fit for her bestie (need we remind you of the time she stuck her tongue out when she saw him and Sel kissing at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards?), managed to keep himself out of the drama for the first few days, but simply couldn’t help but throw a dig at the blonde last night. After FaceTiming with his pal Kanye, the “Company” crooner decided to post a screenshot from the convo. Seems pretty innocent, right? Well, it totally would’ve been…if JB didn’t caption the pic, “Taylor swift what up.”

Taylor swift what up

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Yikes. And although many fans said they’re over the drama, the hashtag #TaylorSwiftWhatUp quickly started trending and garnered some of the FUNNIEST responses of all time.

No matter whose side you’re on in this now-infamous battle, you have to admit — this ish is funny AF.

Add JB to the list of celebs who are clearly on Team Kanye in the Taylor Swift feud: