15 of the Sexiest Lyrics from Justin Bieber’s Journals Album

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Tumblr (biebs-gifs)

Tumblr (biebs-gifs)

Justin Bieber‘s growing up right before our very eyes ears. In anticipation for his film, Believe, the 19-year-old has been releasing new music every week as part of his Music Mondays. But now that we’re only hours away from his second documentary, the full Journals album is ready for Beliebers to swoon over. And, trust us, they will be swoonin’…

After getting a listen to every song, all we can say is O… M… G! Just like the music video for “All That Matters,” each track is packed with sexiness. Check out the tracklist below, and make sure to click through the gallery to find the steamiest (or just overall best) lyrics from all the singles and/or tunes from Journals:

1. “Heartbreaker”
2. “All That Matters”
3. “Hold Tight”
4. “Recovery”
5. “Bad Day”
6. “All Bad”
7. “PYD” feat. R. Kelly
8. “Roller Coaster”
9. “Change Me”
10. “Confident” feat. Chance The Rapper
11. “One Life”
12. “Backpack” feat. Lil Wayne
13. “What’s Hatnin'” feat. Future
14. “Swap It Out”
15. “Memphis” feat. Big Sean
16. “All That Matters” – Music Video
17. Justin Bieber’s Believe Theatrical Trailer
18. Guatemala Pencils Of Promise Journal Video