Justin And Jaden Sing (And Rap) Together! (Videos)

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With all the news about Justin Bieber allegedly fathering a baby (PS, it’s false!), it’s hard to forget, “OMG, he has music, too.” Actually, no it’s not, because we’re Beliebers and we know, like, everything about him and his new Christmas album, but just go with it, ok? We just wanted to introduce you to Justin’s new song with Jaden Smith. Technically it’s a cover song of Frank Ocean‘s sexy tune “Thinking About Ya,” but it’s the only duet we’ve seen from these two since “Never Say Never” so let’s pretend. Listen below:

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Oh, and while you’re at it, watch this vid of Justin freestyle rapping at NYC radio station, Hot 97. PS, he wrote those lyrics himself:

What do you think of Biebs’ new tunes? Do you like him better rapping or singing? Or both? And have you bought “Under the Mistletoe” yet? Do tell!