Justin Bieber Causes Drama With a Scooter! But Don’t Worry. Not Scooter Braun

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If you haven’t checked your Twitter feed or the internet at all this week, you may not know about the drama that’s going on in the Middle East. And this kind of drams has to do with Justin Bieber, guys, not politics. Don’t worry, Teen.com didn’t turn into CNN.com. Not that reading that real news is bad or anything.

Anywho, let us explain…

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Justin is currently in Israel, where he’s putting on a concert tomorrow night, but he’s been chilling in the Holy Land all week, touring and visiting with his family. Or at least trying to. The Biebs has been tweeting up a storm about how the paparazzi are invading his privacy and not letting them have a “personal experience” there Aw! Poor Biebs.

So what’d Justin do to get back at them? He ran over one of the paparazzi’s feet with his Scooter. Duh! No, not his manager, Scooter Braun. An actual scooter. Like, the kind you ride. Watch the vid below:

Ouch! Do you think the paps are being too annoying to Justin? Should he just be able to tour the country like any ol’ person? Tell us in the comments!