Justin Bieber Adds New Tattoo to the Collection in Honor of Grandfather

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Instagram (@justinbieber)

Instagram (@justinbieber)

Amid the release of scandalous photos of Justin Bieber smoking what appears to be marijuana, the singer’s not only taking to Twitter to respond to that particular situation, but also to make a few other announcements regarding his new tattoo and the BELIEVE acoustic album.

First, let’s discuss his new ink. Though his owl made Teen.com’s list of most notable celebrity tattoos of 2012, Justin’s fresh addition may qualify for this year’s round-up. On Instagram, the “As Long As You Love Me” crooner gave a shout-out to the owner and operator of Under The Gun Tattoo, Chente Rios, for etching him with a drawing of an Indian Chief on his left shoulder, which is in dedication to a special family member. He writes, “My grandfather always took me to the stratford culliton every friday night this is for u Grampa … My man @chenterios hooked it up.” For reference, the Stratford Cullitons are a Canadian junior ice hockey team based in Stratford, Ontario, and this is the team’s mascot.

On the BELIEVE front, Justin added two never-released songs to the tracklist for his upcoming acoustic album. Here’s the list in full (as of today, anyway):

1. “Boyfriend” (Acoustic Version)
2. “As Long As You Love Me” (Acoustic Version)
3. “Beauty And A Beat” (Acoustic Version)
4. “She Don’t Like the Lights” (Acoustic Version)
5. “Take You” (Acoustic Version)
6. “Be Alright” (Acoustic Version)
7. “All Around the World” (Acoustic Version)
8. “Track 8” (Acoustic Version)
9. “Yellow Raincoat” (Acoustic Version)
10. “I Would” (Acoustic Version)

Plus the cover art for the limited edition:

Twitter (@JustinBieber)

Twitter (@JustinBieber)

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