Justin Bieber Plans to Marry Hailey Baldwin Before Releasing New Music

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After what felt like a DECADE, we finally got some new music from Justin Bieber. But unfortunately for all you Beliebers out there, his latest jam will have to hold all of us over for a while because the Biebs just revealed that he has no plans to make new music until he officially gets hitched.

Yeah, you read that correctly. No new music until Justin and his fiancee Hailey Baldwin finally tie the knot in front of their families and closest friends. How do we know this? Well, JB was out with Hales on Sunday in New York City when he was approached by a bunch of members from the paparazzi asking him details on when he plans on releasing new music and that’s when he dropped the no new music bomb on us.

During this encounter, the 24-year-old asked the photogs what they thought of the new track he just dropped earlier that weekend titled “No Brainer” with DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper, and Quavo. As the paparazzi all complimented it, Justin said the song was “straight flames” before another pap asked him what’s next on the track list.

Justin hesitated for a moment before looking at Hailey and responding with, “Getting married!” Although he didn’t outright SAY there isn’t new music on the way, that whole situation certainly implied that a new Justin album won’t be happening until after the wedding. Which either means we are going to be waiting for a while or that the wedding is right around the corner.

But, the wedding being right around the corner is honestly very plausible. The two were also spotted on Sunday meeting with a pastor and Hailey appeared to have a planner type of notebook with her.

As excited and happy for Justin as we are, the boy hasn’t released a solo song since August of last year and hasn’t released a full album since 2015. So, it sounds like “No Brainer” will have to hold us over until the wedding, and maybe even the honeymoon!