OMG, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Got Married WITHOUT a Prenup

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were telling people they weren’t married like, 5 seconds ago, but it turns out they actually WERE, and now Justin’s even calling Hailey his wife.

While most of us have already heard that Justin and Hailey are legally married, what we didn’t know until now is that the couple decided to opt-out of signing a prenuptial agreement. With Justin’s net worth estimated around the $400 million mark, and Hailey’s estimated at a couple million, that’s pretty shocking news — and proves once again that Hailey and Justin are no ordinary Hollywood couple.

According to sources at TMZ, who initially reported that Hailey and Justin WERE planning on having a prenup, the lovebirds married so quickly that there wasn’t enough time to get one drafted and signed.

Now, before we start debating if that’s the most romantic thing or the most naive thing a celeb has ever done, there is a possibility that the couple will sign a postnup at some point — which is essentially a prenup that’s signed after the marriage.

As for why Justin and Hailey decided to keep their marriage a secret, according to insiders, the couple do not believe they are truly “married” until they exchange their vows in front of God. Although they had a preacher on hand for their courthouse ceremony, it sounds like Justin and Hailey are still planning to say “I do” during a traditional religious ceremony at some point.

As for their reception, Shawn Mendes recently offered to perform — so it’s already shaping up to be the FOMO event of the century.