So, Justin Bieber Has a ~New Girlfriend~ …Who Already Has a Boyfriend!

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We’ve heard some pretty crazy rumors when it comes to Justin Bieber, especially surrounding his love life. While we usually take what we hear with a grain of salt, there’s always the possibility that a story about the 23-year-old is, in fact, true. But in the case of his latest “girlfriend,” we’re calling bullsh*t.

TMZ reports that the “Despacito” crooner is now dating Hailee Steinfeld and has been for “a little over a month.” Apparently, the two were introduced by their church’s pastor, Carl Lentz, and are in the early stages of their relationship. JB was seen FaceTiming the brunette beauty at the end of March, which is somehow supposed to be proof of their fling. But there’s a bit of a problem here — the 20-year-old already has a freakin’ boyfriend!!!

The Pitch Perfect star has been dating Cameron Smoller for over a year now. We know what you might be thinking — ‘Well, they could’ve broken up recently!’ This is very true, but the guy posted a pic of himself and Haiz on Instagram just ONE day ago.

So, unless Hailee has been cheating on her man for weeks now, or Cameron is stuck in La La Land and refuses to acknowledge that they’re no longer together, we’re gonna say this rumored new couple is not legit whatsoever. NEXXXXT!

Celebrity friends have to deny dating each other ALL. THE. TIME.