Justin Bieber Proves That White Is So The New Purple

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Some may say it was an upsetting weekend for Justin Bieber, who lost two Grammys and whose movie came in second (but just barely) to Just Go With It at the box office. But he looked adorbs on the red carpet and killed it onstage with Usher and Jayden Smith, so we’d say the Biebs came out a winner, don’tcha think?! Swag.

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After the show, Justin tweeted:

“2nite was a great night. I got to perform at the grammys with my mentor @usherraymondiv and I feel like we did u guys proud.”

“As for the awards…of course I wanted to win. Its been & still is a dream to win a grammy. Was I upset…yes. But I was happy for her also.”

Aw, what a good sport! Check out Justin’s amazing performance below and the pics of him in his white tux!

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