Spot On! Sesame Street Spoofs Glee and Justin Bieber! (Vids)

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Justin BieberIt was bound to happen. Sesame Street spoofed Glee and Justin Bieber. Perf for Teen.com (and our readers!) don’tcha think? But they def didn’t lose the Sesame Street spirit. The Bieber clip reenacts JB’s “Never Say Never” music vid with Jaden Smith (played by Elmo), but they sing “Measure, Yeah, Measure” instead. So clever.

As for Glee

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…the Sesame Street puppets are headed to G-gionals, so the G club members are prepping their signature song, “Don’t Stop the G-in’.” Classic. Catch the G club and the spoof of the Biebs below!

Which spoof are you LOL-ing at more? We can’t decide! Do you think Sesame Street nailed it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!