Glee. Bieber. Need We Say More?

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It’s here, people! It’s finally here! We’ve been waiting forever for our two favorite things in the world to collide and now, our wish is coming true. Justin Bieber songs on Glee!

Want deets? We’ve got ’em right here…

We’re over the fact that the Biebs himself won’t be making an appearance on the episode because Sam (Chord Overstreet), with the purple zip-up, the perfectly swished hair and singing “Baby?” Yeah. That’ll do.

Glee-Cap: Why we’re totally in love with “Silly Love Songs!”

Hear ALL next week’s episodes songs in full (except for “Baby.” Uh, we can’t find that one yet) and stay tuned to Teen.com all week for more deets on the episode!





Which song is your fave so far? Seriously, gleeks, is there anything better than Justin Bieber songs on Glee? Tell us what you think!