Justin Bieber Gives Away Hamster PAC to Screaming Fan (VIDEO)

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Instagram (@justinbieber)

Instagram (@justinbieber)

It’s the season of giving, but we’re sure Victoria McClure of Albertville, Alabama still didn’t expect Justin Bieber to hand off one of his tourmates a.k.a. his pet hamster, PAC, to her for keeps. But that’s exactly what happened last Wednesday after the singer played Jingle Ball in Atlanta.

Following the concert, Victoria and her friend, Max Jeter, went to stand by a fence where Bieber’s tour bus was located; the same as many other fans. However, when JB approached the fence, he passed off the cage containing his furry friend to an unsuspecting Victoria.

In the grainy footage on TMZ, you can catch Justin saying, “That’s all you… You’ve gotta take care of PAC” during the exchange. And after giving him her Twitter handle, @victoriablair21, she quickly replies, “I swear I’ll take care of him!”

Now, you can imagine what happened next; Victoria’s social media popularity skyrocketed! According to the Sand Mountain Reporter, “On Wednesday morning, she said she had around 400 followers; by Thursday afternoon that number had grown to over 7,000.” As of today, that number’s increased to over 13k.

Fortunately, Justin seems to have given the tiny critter to a loving owner as Victoria’s given practically daily updates to her new Belieber followers:

To see the unlikely exchange for yourself, watch the video below. What do you think of the Biebs’ latest move? What would you have done if you were Victoria? Tell us in the comments below or on our Justin Bieber message board!

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