Justin Bieber’s Most Disturbing Disguise Yet: A (Gas) Masked Man

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Instagram (@justinbieber)

Instagram (@justinbieber)

While most celebrities are prone to wearing sunglasses and/or large hats to not-so-cleverly disguise themselves from the public and paparazzi, Justin Bieber‘s taking the concealment of his face to a whole ‘nother level.

This week, the 18-year-old singer was spotted shopping in London, England, sporting an unusual piece of headgear: a gas mask. Umm… k. So far, no explanation — whether it be for disguise or health or just for fun (or channeling Darth Vader) — has been given, but we’re willing to speculate that it’s not for health, otherwise the caption for the photo would most likely not be “Mi eht tseb,” an anagram for “I’m the best.” And if it is for health reasons, then we’re totally on board.

Of course, there’s plenty more where this came from. During the 2011 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, Justin provided commentary on the red carpet, donning thick-rimmed glasses and a faux mustache. One year later, he was seen at Venice Beach, California, wearing a gold Cirque de Soleil-style mask. At the time, he tweeted:

On a brighter, less-unsettling note, Justin’s new “Right Here” BELIEVE single, featuring Drake, has just been made available on iTunes. #win

What would you do if you saw a gas-masked guy shopping? Do you think it’s for disguise, health or fun? Tell us your theories in the comments below, or on our Justin Bieber message board!

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